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Hi there! My name is Carlos Santos and this is my personal website, in here you would find a lot of information about me and some other Geeky / Nerdy stuff too. So if you don't mind reading about those.. Click on ! :).

Welcome to Me! Online

This site is primarily a place for me to share things I have created, or stuff I just find interesting in the world of technology. I have also created this site as a professional/personal profile online and to keep in touch with friends, partners and acquaintances!! You can find details about my professional experience in the "Resume" link, and also read my academic papers in the "Papers" link.

What's going on at the moment ?

Right now, along with some guys, I am drafting, thinking,coding, evaluating and (enthusiastically ) loosing sleep over Internlink.com . Check us out and join the list www.internlink.com

Anything else?

Not really, Just make sure that you check my Blog and  Social Sites, I come up with lots of interesting stuff there. I wouldn't want you to miss out on those !

Thanks for visiting :)